Adze blade

Foundation deposit, model weapon

Collezioni Egittologiche dell'Università di Pisa, Pisa




Dimensions Width 11.0cm

Material(s) bronze

Miniature bronze adze blade with with flat cutting edge and a narrowing to which the handle was fitted. Decorated with an inscription "good god Maat-ka-Ra daughter of Ra United-with-Amun given life forever" (nṯr nfr Mȝʿ.t-kȝ-Rʿ ẖnmt-Jmn dj anḫ ḏt).

Jadwiga Iwaszczuk


Object was purchased on the antiquities market in 2001 and donated to the collections by Monica Benvenuti from Livorno.


  • Silvano F., Hatshepsut e Thutmosi III nelle Collezioni Egittologiche dell Università di Pisa, Egitto e Vicino Oriente XXIX, 2006, 69-74, fig. 11, no. 11