Block with a king in front of Anuket with menat in her hand

Architectural element, decorated block

Louvre, Paris B 59



Dimensions Width 99.5cm, Height 71.0cm, Depth 18.0cm

Material(s) sandstone

Corner block with representation of Anuket holding the menat necklace towards the king in the atef-crown standing in front of her. Above the necklace, the inscription in column is carved: "recitation: your arms (ḏd mdw ʿwj,k)". The text continues with sign "ḥr" below the necklace. Colours have almost completely faded, only the yellow arm of the goddes, red body with yellow beard of the king and traces of greyish background are visible. The decoration is executed in raised relief.

Jadwiga Iwaszczuk


Excavations performed by Clermont Ganneau, 1907-1910; aquired in 1908.