Block with a wpš bsn ritual

Architectural element, decorated block



Dimensions Width 83.0cm, Height 50.0cm

Material(s) sandstone

Sandstone block with decoration executed in raised relief in a big scale. The decoration represents a king turned right, wearing shendjyt and holding mks-staff and ḥḏ-scepter. Before him a ḥwt-sign in a circle and a small figure of Iunmutef offering a vessel with natron balls are partially preserved. The scene represents a wpš bsn ritual.

Jadwiga Iwaszczuk


Block found by the the Swiss Institute of Architectural and Archaeological Research on Ancient Egypt in Cairo (B XXXI, lfd.Nr. 30194312) together with C 252, they were built into at least eight-layer wall, most probably an inside coating of the Roman shore terrace.