Block with gods sitting on thrones

Architectural element, decorated block



Material(s) sandstone

Corner sandstone block with decoration executed in raised relief. The scene shows a row of collegium of gods in mummified form sitting on the thrones with inscriptions naming them. Only the upper parts of the gods from arms up can be seen. The inscription of the first god is only partly preserved: "[Kar]nak ([Jpt]-swt)". Behind this god, the god's speech starts: "recitation: [I] gave you [...] (ḏd mdw dj.n.[j] n.k n [...])". Above left group of two gods the text names their names: "Tjenenu, Iunyt (Ṯnnw Jwnjjt)". Above the gods, the sky strip is represented. The scene is surrounded from the left and in the upper part by the block border and topped with kheker-frieze.

Jadwiga Iwaszczuk


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