Foundation deposit, cowroid

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York 27.3.164



Dimensions Width 1.4cm, Height 0.7cm

Material(s) glazed steatite

Cowroid made of green glazed steatite. On the base there is incised with Hatshepsut's nomen. Hieroglyphs are oriented vertically to the left. The other side the scarab is decorated with falcon figure in atef-crown. Wings of the falcon are raised to the top, legs are stretched out. Bird keeps shen-signs in the claws. The figure of the falcon is decorated with shallow incisions - stripes on the wings, legs and crown, checkered body. There is a hole through the middle of the scarab (on a longer side). Length 2.2cm.

Katarzyna Kapiec


Excavated by the H.E. Winlock (Metropolitan Museum of Art) in the temple of Hatshepsut at Deir el-Bahari in 1926-1927. Gained by the Metropolitan Museum of Art in 1927 in the division of finds (Rogers Fund).