Door jambs of Hatshepsut from Kom Ombo

Architectural element, door jamb




Material(s) sandstone

Two sandstone door jambs of Hatshepsut from south-eastern mudbrick wall of temple enclosure in Kom Ombo. On the left jamb a representation of Hatshepsut in the red crown can be seen, with face and cartouche recarved for Thutmose III, on the right jamb the original representation of Thutmose III in the white crown is shown. The texts are parallel, except that on the left one below signs "dj ʿnḫ" two signs "t" were probably replaced with sign "nb". In the lower part the name of the gate was preserved: "the gate: Maat-ka-Ra is endured of love in the house of Sobek (sbȝ Mȝʿt-kȜ-Rʿ mn mrt m pr Sbk)".

Jadwiga Iwaszczuk


Door jambs are now missing.[1] Footnotes ^ 26: Urkunden der 18. Dynastie. Historisch-biographische Urkunden - - 1906 - Sethe, Kurt.