Fragment of a block with the head of Hatshepsut

Architectural element, decorated block

Auction Sotheby’s, Sale 6999



Material(s) limestone


Jadwiga Iwaszczuk



Private collection.



  • Antiquities and Islamic Works of Art: including an Attic red-figure stemless cup, a Corinthian bronze helmet, an Egyptian limestone relief of Queen Hatshepsut, 18th Dynasty, a marble frieze from the lid of a sarcophagus, Roman Imperial, an inscribed Babylonian cylinder of Sin-iddinam, King of Larsa, a Seljuk luster-ware bowl, Kashan, formerly in the Matossian and Kevorkian collections, a Greek bronze krater with leonine handles, a marble head of a ram ..., auction by Sotheby’s, Sale 6999, New York 1997, Lot 32