Fragment of a door jamb

Architectural element, decorated block



Dimensions Width 26.0cm, Height 50.0cm, Depth 17.0cm

Material(s) sandstone

Fragment of a sandstone right door jamb with decoration done in sunken relief. Only a fragment of one column of text is preserved containing the epithet of Satet: nb.t ȝbw mrjjt kȝ ʿnḫ. Left edge of the block is preserved.

Jadwiga Iwaszczuk


Kept in the Island Museum, after 22nd season moved to the south side of the temple of Satet.[1] Footnotes ^ 13: Stadt und Tempel von Elephantine. 25./26./27. Grabungsbericht - - 1999 - Kaiser, Werner, Jaritz, Horst, Arnold, Felix, Bommas, Martin, Kopp, Peter, Ziermann, Martin.


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