Model adze

Foundation deposit, model tool

The Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology, London UC 15865



Material(s) wood

Model wooden adze, length 21.0 cm. Shape resembles the setep instrument used during Opening of the Mouth ritual (known also as meskhetyu instrument). On the handle there is an inscription in incised hieroglyphs: "Good God Maat-ka-Ra, beloved of Amun, Foremost of Djeser-djeseru (nṯr nfr Mȝʿ.t-kȝ-Rʿ mrjj.t Jmn ḫntj Ḏ​sr-ḏsrw)".

Katarzyna Kapiec


Excavated by E. Naville (Egypt Exploration Fund) in the temple of Hatshepsut at Deir el-Bahari in 1894-1895.