North-east pillar

Architectural element, decorated block



Dimensions Width 40.0-43.0cm, Height 213.0cm, Depth 30.0-35.0cm

The hathoric pillar with four sides decorated. On the east side two registers were carved: in the upper one Thutmose III turned left and censing, in the lower one lion-headed goddess Mehyt turned left can be seen. On the south side, the queen before Hathor Lady of Turquoise is represented. The cartouche of Thutmose III was copied by the EEF, but the representation is a female one. T.E. Peet, A.H. Gardiner and J. Černý are uncertain if the cartouche had been copied correctly.[1] On the west side, Thutmose III turned left and offering nw-vases was carved. On the north side again two registers can be seen: in the upper one the king(?) running for Hathor Lady of Turquoise, in the lower one the Scribe Nakht with the ḥtp-dj-nswt-formula were represented.


  1. ^ Peet, Gardiner, Černý, The Inscriptions of Sinai I, 157.

Jadwiga Iwaszczuk


Copied by the EEF, not found in 1935.