Scarab of Hatshepsut

Foundation deposit, scarab

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York 27.3.228



Dimensions Width 1.5cm

Material(s) glazed steatite

Scarab made of green glazed steatite. Type 4[1] - back with marked prothorax and elytra. On the base there is an inscription with Hatshepsut's prenomen flanked by two falcons form both left and right sides. Wings of the falcons are outstrechted in the protective gesture. The right falcon holds ankh-sign in his claws directed towards the Hatshepsut's name. The left falcon also holds some symbol towars the Hatshepsut's name, but the specific shape is unrecognizable. Inscription is horizontally oriented on the scarab. Length 1.9cm.


  1. ^ 1394: Scarab-shaped seals. Catalogue général des antiquités des égyptiennes du Musée de Caire, nos. 36001-37521 - - 1907 - Newberry, Percy E..

Katarzyna Kapiec


Excavated by the H.E. Winlock (Metropolitan Museum of Art) in the temple of Hatshepsut at Deir el-Bahari in 1926-1927. Gained by the Metropolitan Museum of Art in 1927 in the division of finds (Rogers Fund).