Dendera (Jwnjjt)



Nome: 6th Upper Egyptian nome

Geographical coordinates: 32º40´N / 26º08´E

Dendera was located at the edge of the desert on the west bank of the Nile, approximately 5 kilometres south of Qena and about 60 kilometres north of Luxor.


Dendera: temple of Hathor 


Dendera as a city in times of Hatshepsut remains unknown. The only proof that it played this role is a title of Pa-heri, who held the function of the Count of Dendera. This official bore also other titles which showed the economic value of the city as well as the range of his power: the One Who Counts Grain from Dendera to Elkab and the Devoted Confidant of His Lord from House of Hathor Beautiful to Elkab.

Hatshepsut erected there the temple of Hathor, of which only a few artefacts are attested so far.

Jadwiga Iwaszczuk


Ancient people connected to the site: Pa-heri ,